Youtuber Brazilian Godenot gets ‚rich‘ mining bitcoin in Streamer Life Simulator game

„Now we live off mining and streaming,“ said Brazilian youtuber Godenot in a video showing his virtual bitcoin mining farm.

According to his portfolio of cryptomoedas, he also bets on DOGE, Ethereum and XRP. In his portfolio of dollars, another US$ 30 thousand available.

„Today was the day of the beginning of my wealth. If I sell bitcoin for 10 thousand I am already extremely rich“, foresees the streamer whose channel has 3.7 million followers.

The new venture, however, is not real; it is part of the virtual life that Godenot simulates with the ‚Streamer Life Simulator‘, an indie – or independent – streamer life simulation game.

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In fact, the practice of streaming has become very popular in Brazil and the world by strengthening the ties between the influencers and their audience, mostly children and adolescents.

And Godenot’s channels in the social networks show very well the reach of this activity. In addition to the millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is also followed by over 100,000 on Instagram and 35,000 on Twitch.

Portfolio of bitcoin and other youtuber Godenot. playback/YouTube cryptomaps.

Bitcoin Mining

During the transmission, Godenot walks inside a house with various environments. Outside he makes several trips, like going shopping or going out to withdraw money at the ATM.

There youtuber builds whatever he wants, but everything has a cost, even virtually. To buy the mining companies for example, he spent a good part of the money he collected until now.

Part of the virtual money, according to him, will stay on the decoration of the house, which is still a long way to be furnished. During the video he showed bed, sofa, cat food.

At some moment of the transmission he can be warned about something he ordered. An air conditioner, for example, which cost US$ 458, arrived in full transmission.

As he explained, he received orientation to put the equipment to contain the heating in the ‚bitcoin factory‘. At a certain height of the video, the heat in the environment reaches more than 60 degrees.

„Now I can buy a lot of mining companies and live off it. And I don’t have to live every day,“ he joked.

Bitcoin mining is a real activity, but currently it’s very difficult to do it in Brazil because of the high electricity tariffs.

China, which has several regions with cheap electricity, is a pioneer in this activity. That is where the giants of AntMiner and AntPool mining, commanded by Bitmain, the largest company in the sector, are located.