Wacker needs another „year or two“ to recover financially

The claim is eight million euros, reality six million euros. At the end of October, FC Wacker Innsbruck has to explain its budget figures to the Bundesliga, recently the club tightened its belt.

Innsbruck – You would have to be FC Basel! The last Swiss serial champion to fall behind reserved exclusively the holiday club on Tenerife’s Costa Adeje for February 2019, where FC Wacker Innsbruck also wanted to improve its spring form at the same time. The Tyrolean search is now continuing in Spain and Portugal, and those who pay are getting paid.

At FC Wacker, the issue of money remains a decisive one. The reason: for the mandatory reorganisation audit, the quarterly figures must be sent to the Bundesliga in Vienna by 31 October.

„We’ll have to talk about finances.“

President Gerhard Stocker also made a cryptic comment on the sidelines of the LASK game: „We will have to talk about finances: About what did not come, but was promised. We have to act accordingly.“ The budget currently stands at a good six million euros, 450,000 euros in losses carried forward also want to be reduced. Stocker insists on the reliability of the association: „We have always paid as agreed“. In his opinion, the association still needs „one to two years“ to recover financially.

The Wattener hopes for an impulse financing and the bridge to the private economy. The solidarity hoped for after the ascent failed to materialise for the time being, the enthusiasm did not lead to the hoped for two million euro budget increase, with which one could work quietly. Working quietly also means that employees of the office can be employed on a full-time basis – which was not yet possible at the beginning of the season. Manager Alfred Hörtnagl is also said to be willing to accept salary losses, and the belt has to be tightened for the time being. This is met with understanding within the club and increases cohesion.

„We are no longer traded as a subsidy club“, President Stocker welcomes the new language. This also applies in connection with a contract for infrastructure refunding and a young talent project with the state of Tyrol, which is ready to be signed. The contract for the 2018/19 season, worth over 490,000 euros, is due to increase the scope in the near future. At the moment, this is not reflected in the number of spectators: on average, 4750 guests have been welcomed so far, so that the expectations in the year of promotion are lagging behind. Space Casino is very generous when it comes to bonuses and has a fast payouts.

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Alfred Hörtnagl Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (5):
    • 1989, 1990, 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Austrian Cup (3):
    • 1989, 1993, 1996

South Tyrolean role model for training centre project

The training centre project (approx. € 8 million) in Mieming is running regardless of day-to-day operations. The dedication to sports areas will take place soon, the financing is to take place via private sponsors and is also based on the South Tyrolean model: The municipality of Eppan provided the land, the state provided the facilities, FC Südtirol the interior. A vision.

The fact that nails are literally being made with heads on the edge of the Tivoli stadium has to do with the new club cafe. This is being worked on just as eagerly as financial management. The motto is to be inferred from the future homepage of the association: Because Weiterwurschteln makes no sense.