Stocker: „Throwing nerves away is not my style of leadership“

The 1-0 win over the LASK will give FC Wacker peace and quiet during the international break. A deceptive, some questions remain unanswered.

Innsbruck – During the half-time break yesterday, Wacker President Gerhard Stocker was on hand to conjure up the club’s internal unity: „A ball only becomes more compact when there’s pressure from outside – as long as there’s no crack in it.“ Regardless of the results before the LASK game, the player from Watten cannot see this crack: „How everyone in the coaching team treats each other – world class“.

The 66-year-old didn’t want to know anything about a possible coach’s replacement, which traditionally occurs in football before international breaks. „Throwing away nerves is not my style of leadership. And Stocker reminded us of ice hockey champion Bozen, who had long adorned the bottom of the table in the previous season. The time off from the championship would rather be used for team building“.

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Coach Karl Daxbacher didn’t want to have heard of a shaky coach’s chair after the end of the match anyway: „I don’t know what discussions that was. Press and fans discussed, but internally nothing came up. Postscript: „But of course you question a situation“. The victory over the LASK was more important for the well-being of the player and the club than for him. The Lower Austrian didn’t even want to wear the pink glasses in the first place, in view of the course of the game (4:19 goal shots) also an idle undertaking. Many a question will continue to occupy him.

A centre player with Bundesliga level is missing; the new players have only been able to hit to a limited extent so far, young players such as the „born of necessity“ alternatives Manuel Maranda (1 game in the first combat team) and Lukas Hupfauf (2), on the other hand, show hardly any class differences. This would justify the use of hopefuls from the two-man team, who have already registered their claim once: During the first international break , Thomas Grumser’s training game in favour of the foals was – without a doubt – insignificant. So willpower and commitment do not seem to be lacking, competition stimulates the business.

The days ahead undoubtedly offer the opportunity to find answers to some of these questions. FC Wacker still doesn’t seem to have reached the top of its game: In league two, they stood compactly in the back to bet on counterattacks. The end sanctified the means at that time, but a league further up the concept is no longer suitable. The quality of the opponents is higher, the Wacker game is so to speak transparent. And the ongoing system and personnel changes primarily reveal that the club has not yet arrived in the elite. The table beautifies the situation, the points halving grants time. But to rely on it in the long run would be fatal. Rose Slots is an online casino gaming site with fantastic bonuses and hundreds of games to choose from.