4th Annual Amazon Music Festival

4th Annual Amazon Music Festival

This was the lineup!
Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement!


6pm House and Amazon Market open 
   6:30 - Carole Walker with Helen Yee
7:30 - Kristen Ford
8:30 - Chelsey Danielle 
9:30 - DJ Dance 

11am House and Amazon Market open 
12 - Ruth Barrett
1 - SJ Tucker
2 - Summer Osborne
 3 - Ginger Doss

4 - Break 

5-630 - Drum Workshop with Chelsey Danielle

7 - Tret Fure
8 - C.C. Carter 
9 - Big Bad Gina Amazon Jam


The Event Place
6279 W Wedington Dr. 
Fayetteville, AR 72704

6,000 sq. ft. room
400 sq. floor
free, ample onsite parking
several hotels within 15 min. drive

for additional info, visit:


Holiday Inn Express, Shiloh Dr. Fayetteville, AR

Other options in area:
There are many other hotels within 10 minutes of festival, but Holiday Inn is the preferred. 

Southgate RV Park (.com) - $32 night up to 4 people - 15 min. drive to festival

Devil's Den State Park: - cabins, RV hookups, tent camping - 45 min. drive to festival



Welcome to our town! Keep Fayetteville Funky!
Music and Musings of 2015 

2015 included Cris Williamson, Ubaka Hill, Kiya Heartwood, and the Traveling Fates among others including a debut from a fresh, young, all women's band based in Denton, TX and seasoned performers from Louisville, KY.  There we were, dancing wildly, singing along loudly with iconic women's music, meeting/connecting with  friends - having a music festival right here in Arkansas! The Changer and the Changed album celebrated 40 years and was a theme throughout festival. The official debut of Jori's one womon play, "Songs of My Soul" was well received and ready for the road! The dynamic and sultry blend of Traveling Fates made our jaws drop, and drumming with Ubaka - it was all pretty blissful! Onward to 2016!

2014 Featured Acts
Left to right - top row: Jan Martinelli, Trish Bush, Chelsey Danielle, Renée Janski, Holly Near, Melodie Griffis, Summer Osborne, RJ

Bottom row: Ginger Doss, SJ Tucker, Jori Costello, Sandy O, Pat Humphries

Not pictured: Wahru Cleveland

Left to right - top row: Jan Martinelli, Trish Bush, Chelsey Danielle, Renée Janski, Holly Near, Melodie Griffis, Summer Osborne, RJ

Bottom row: Ginger Doss, SJ Tucker, Jori Costello, Sandy O, Pat Humphries

Not pictured: Wahru Cleveland

The all women crew of 2015: 

Trish Bush - M. C.  
P. J. Matthews - sound engineer 
C. B. (Carol Branson) - lighting engineer 
Chris Bargmann - stage manager 
Jill Ananina - stage crew 
R. J. - stage crew 
K. C. - stage crew
Kim Officer - stage crew
Julie Nelander - merch sales 
Tami Macias - door manager 
Elizabeth Andersen - house manager 
Kara Iribarren, Marty Smith - volunteers

Thank you ALL for coming to the 2nd Annual Amazon Music Festival! What a grand time we all had! There were many local and regional people from our town, the Ozarks at large, Kansas City, St. Louis; and as far away as Memphis, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Pennsylvania, and Jersey City! 

Event Crew: PJ Matthews - sound engineer; Carol Branson (CB) - lighting engineer; Weazl Gazelle - equipment specialist; Linda Wilson - stage manager; Elizabeth Andersen - house manager; 
Door and Music Sales: Thia Syslinsky, Marty Smith, Paula Gribble, V Hope;  Sam Jerry - stylist; Aislinn Firehawk and Tami Macias - LMTs

Additional Bonus Producers: Gini Ingram and Susan Higgins
Rave Reviews for 2014 Amazon Music Festival!

"You ladies organized quite a production! Loved Wahru!"
Fayetteville, AR

"Just wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed the Festival, and we will definitely be back next year. Keep up the awesome music, and let us know when you are in or near Texas in the coming year. We don't want to wait to see you again. Without a doubt we both had the time of our lives."
Houston, TX


"Holly Near changed my life in 1974; I heard her in concert in D.C., when I was working for the federal govenment. I used to sit in front of my fireplace and listen to her songs about revolution, hers and Jimmy Cliff's. She inspired me to start listening to Democracynow! and to join a Marxist/Leninist study group, and a consciousness-raising group made up of all lesbians except for me. And eventually to give all that up, and hit the road, questioning everything. It was SO good to hear her again, and sure enough, she's still committed to social (and environmental, et al) justice. And Wahru was just fantastic, the real thing, such an honor to have her here. You are wonderful, thanks so much!"
Fayetteville, AR

"Your concert was Fantastic at the Festival. And so was everybody. In fact you were Amazonazing. Thank you for everything you do."
Bentonville, AR

Amazon Music Festival was utterly fantastic! The large and enthusiastic crowd provided an enthusiasm that propelled each musician to a spectacular performance. This could be seen in the faces of the performers and audience alike from the opening set by SJ and building with Ginger, Summer, Holly, Emma's Rev, to a giant BBG finale! The work and efforts of the production team, technicians and stage crews was great. Everyone had a wonderful time! Thanks y'all! Can't wait for the next one!
Central AR area

What an amazing show last night!! Womens music rocks, as do you gals!!
Crosses, AR

If there was a heaven for music, this might just be it!
Little Rock, AR


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